Maximum safety through preventative fire protection

Statistics show that a fire breaks out every two minutes , frequently causing serious damage. Whether warehouses, data centres or archives, every business needs absolutely reliable fire protection. Companies cannot afford downtime. So when fires occur, apart from protecting people, the most important priority is to maintain business processes.

WAGNER’s product portfolio includes the best fire protection solution to address this challenge: The VdS-approved OxyReduct® fire prevention system. Conventional fire protection systems are passive, meaning that they only react once a fire has broken out. The OxyReduct® preventative oxygen reduction system, on the other hand, actively ensures maximum safety even before fires start. This avoids consequential damage of the type that often occurs when extinguishing with water or other agents, such as foam.

WAGNER’s VdS-approved OxyReduct® fire prevention system makes sure that fires cannot develop in the first place. By feeding a controlled supply of nitrogen into the protected area, it keeps oxygen concentration levels consistently below the ignition threshold of the combustible materials inside. The result: far less risk of open fire.

Prevent fires actively before they start

Functional principle
Three components are necessary for fires to develop: oxygen, heat energy and fuel. If one of these three components is taken away, there is no way a fire can break out. OxyReduct® is based on this principle. By reducing the oxygen content of the air, it literally “takes the fire’s breath away”
  • Maximum security
  • Efficient
  • Damage reduction
  • Controlled
  • Flexible
  • Tested and Certified
  • Space saving

Preventative continuous fire protection around the clock. Prevents damage caused by fire, smoke and extinguishing agents such as water or foam

Variants in active carbon-based methods of generating nitrogen

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